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For our purposes, we're going to pretend that a few of the big web sites don't exist. There are lots of sites out there that buy stuff from the web site I'm going to show you how to buy from and then sell for double the price. But you're not a sucker. You're going to buy from a weird ass Chinese web site and get shit for the low. There's Aliexpress which I do not recommend for several reasons. It's very tempting to buy stuff from Aliexpress but you will get burned. First, the site is Western-facing which means the pressure is on the site's operators to crack down on illegal activity.

Aliexpress is widely used around the globe. When there's good fakes on Aliexpress and the link gets shared, the link gets taken away. The administrators of the site need to cover their asses and take down things that get reported. So the stuff that stays up usually isn't very good. There's DHGate which has a lot of good options for if you only want to buy one thing, especially "non-hype" shoes like Stan Smiths, Old Skools, Nike running shoes, etc. There's TaoBao. This is the site we'll be talking about. Here's the catch though, it's going to be a little tricky.

If you don't want to put in a little work to save a lot of money, then give up on reps right now and save up for legit pieces. Then there is Weidian. This site is very similar to TaoBao in the sense that they have replica goods and it is a bit tricky to get started.

However, you can find many budget batches here. Chill, we got this.

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For now, we're not going to worry about navigating TaoBao much. That'll come later after you've done a couple orders. Use Google Chrome while rep shopping and utilize the full-page automatic translation by clicking on the translate button in the URL bar. My goal right now, however, is not to overwhelm you more because you're probably already overwhelmed so don't worry if the site looks really confusing even after translating it.

An agent is a third party with a warehouse that orders things from TaoBao for you then repackages all the items you buy from different sellers into one package and sends it on to you. I'm going to recommend Superbuy. They make it pretty easy for new people to buy stuff from TaoBao. Go to the Superbuy home page and paste this link into the box. You'll see that the page has been automatically translated for you via Google Translate and it looks a little less scary. Feeling calmer yet? Superbuy is going to make it almost as easy as shopping on Amazon.

Here's a video with a cutie explaining Superbuy if it's confusing for you. Note: I chose Superbuy because they have the best interface and reasonable fees, as far as I can tell. Okay, so the catch here is that I'm going to give you the outline of a basic streetwear capsule wardrobe for you to build upon. A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe made up of few pieces that are simple and can be combined in many ways to create many outfits.

I'll try to include a few simple hype pieces because, let's be real, you want to get some hype shit. We all do. These items are as cheap in the US as they are from TaoBao for the most part. If you're not in the US I'm sure there is a local equivalent. If you need a winter coat, I don't recommend finding a rep. Quality seriously matters if you live in the frozen north and you don't want to take any chances. Hats: Hat store.

I own quite a few hats from this store and most of them are pretty good quality.

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Some have even survived an accidental cycle in the washer! Shoes: Replica Shoes are one of the hottest categories of replicas right now. However, there are some dos and donts for replica shoes. Here is a list of sellers that currently offer a very wide variety of shoes and are trusted within the replica community. If you're looking for some basic shoes I definitely recommend going for Boostmaster Lins Budget Ultraboosts.

Boostmaster Lin BMLin. Cocosneakers Coco.

Products in this flyer

FlightKickz LN5. JoyStudio Joy. Easy To Use Websites: Now you may be wondering if there is a ability to purchase goods from Taobao without a big hassle. Luckily in the recent year we had some new provisions made by sellers and they created sites that are easier to browse than Taobao. Now you aren't able to get everything off of these websites but they offer a good starting level for those who are looking to not dive into Taobao just yet.

CNLuxuryPub offers a great deal of designer-wear clothing. CNFashionBuy offers a great deal of streetwear shoes and accessories. The beauty of creating such a simple wardrobe is that you can mix and match in almost any possible combination and end up with a decent looking outfit.

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Lots of combos. For the price of one Supreme hoodie, you just built an entire wardrobe. It's basic, yes, but it's a start. This is a VERY important question. Some products will be reproduced with the same original size designations. Others will be shifted to better accommodate their Asian clients. So you really need to pay attention. When you find a piece you like, it's time to pick the correct size. Most of the time, sellers will have a size chart towards the bottom of the item page.

You'll have to scroll down a bit to find it. The surefire way of picking the correct size is to identify the type of item you're purchasing shirt, coat, pants, underwear and measure an item of that type you own. So, if I wanted to buy a bogo tee, and I didn't know my size, I'd take a shirt that fits me, and measure from shoulder seam to shoulder seam for shoulder width, pit to pit for bust then x2, and bottom of collar to the bottom for the length. The reason you multiply the bust by 2 is because some sellers will have chest circumference listed on their chart, so to get your chest circumference just measure pit to pit and x2.

Example here. Shipping works a bit differently than you're probably used to. You will pay a small fee yuan for shipping when you first order the item. Then, once your agent has all the items and weighs them, you will pay them for the final shipment of everything from them to you. Keep this in mind when you are budgeting your order. Some agents will offer a service called rehearsal shipping. Rehearsal shipping is when an agent will reweigh your package for a small fee to get you the true exact weight.

If you feel as if your package weighs too much this is a great option to add on. There are 3 main shipping options that are frequently used by the FashionReps community and are considered the "go-to" options.

US can use DHL too. As a general rule, get all the basics before you get any hype. If you wear too much hype or wear hype shit before you figure out how to match and create a good outfit, you'll look bad. I know it's tempting to just put on a full Supreme outfit but you will look like an idiot. However, I can't stop you from needing to satisfy your itch for cheap hype. Start with just tee shirts. With stuff other than tees jackets, pants, embroidered items, etc. It will come with time and with looking at posts on this sub.

Nelly offer a variety of basic wear and is one of the best sellers to go to for non-hype streetwear. My kids are fruitarians. I honestly had no idea when kiwi season was! Kara—you were chosen by random drawing as the winner of the giveaway! Please check your email for a message from me. I usually pack apples, oranges, clementines or grapes. If I am super organized, I might manage some cut melon. Thanks for such a great giveaway! I always pack fresh apples for my younger daughter and a variety of fresh fruits for my older daughter, including grapes, berries, clementines, watermelon, pineapple, etc.

And duh, I already totally liked Real Mom Nutrition long ago. Apples are great for lunches. I enjoy your podcast. Thank you. Cuties are my favorite to add to a lunch box this time of year! Their smell reminds me of December more than peppermint or even pine!

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    I also tweeted. Whatever is in season! Berries, pears, apples, oranges.